ScanSnap iX500: a great scanner gets even better


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  1. TheOven says:

    You don’t have to still file and search for documents albeit digitally? How does it organise all this information for you?

  2. Cosmo Jones says:

    You are so right Mark. As I have to retype this a third time because both Firefox and Chrome crashed trying to post my comment, I’m reminded that few things are as truly amazing as this scanner. 

    When I went to buy a scanner, I was looking at the Neato system. They have a really solid ad campaign. Then a friend mentioned the ScanSnap 1500m and pointed out how much better the reviews were. Mostly 4 and 5 star where the Neato was averaging 2 or 3. 

    The ScanSnap had way better reviews but I was far less familiar with it. They have more visibility now. It is SO GREAT to be able to find a receipt just by entering a keyword in my search bar. And, I have exceeded the 50 sheet capacity on several occasions. How often does a product actually over-achieve?!? Rare these days. 

    I’ve had mine for nearly 2 years and never had one single problem. It’s one of the few things I go out of my way to tell people about and one of the things I would be saddest to be without. I am so frickin’ organized now thanks to this fella. And as you mention, I scan directly to Dropbox so everything is backed up all in one shot. Great time saver.

    The only reason not to get one is if you really need a flatbed for large format or super high resolution. Other than that, this should be the first choice for anyone. Very glad to see you write about it. But based on what you mentioned with the new model, I might just have to upgrade and have an extra for the office. Sounds amazing. 

  3. Simon Allison says:

    How does the sheetfeeder cope with photos?

    • The prior version S1500 did photos fine. I was able to load up several albums about 10-12 photos at a time. The quality wasn’t stupendous, but it was fine to digitize several albums for facebook and flickr.

    • Robin Harris says:

      I set up a high-quality custom scan profile to use the maximum resolution of the scanner for photos. Not as good as a good flatbed scanner, but fine for my purposes and a lot more convenient.

  4. Henry Pootel says:

    I love the mobile phone integration idea.  A lot of devices like that have very minimal UI (if any) and this gives it a nice fancy control panel.

  5. Lemoutan says:

    Could it replace a shredder feed?

  6. Michael J. Epstein says:

    Yes, been using ScanSnap for years and it transformed me from a person living amongst piles of paper to a person who refuses anything on paper.

  7. Bonedoggie says:

    I’m also a big fan.  I don’t see the wireless bit as a big deal.  I’ll most always have the Mac on next to it and the scan to iPhone already works fine for me.  Starting by phone not a biggie either as you need to be there to put the docs in.

  8. Sam Graham says:

    Beyond getting an evaluation unit, were you offered any incentive for this review?

  9. trondmm says:

    What are the differences between the regular and deluxe models? And what does the NMS models include?

    Is it possible to scan directly to evernote, without using a smartphone or a computer?

  10. Been on an S300M for a few years now.  This is a good reason to upgrade.

  11. ndrake says:

    How much post processing and double checking of the scan/OCR is required?  Is it pretty much scan and forget or do I need to go through each scanned page and make sure things turned out ok?

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