Astronaut Chris Hadfield is photo-tweeting Earth, from space


5 Responses to “Astronaut Chris Hadfield is photo-tweeting Earth, from space”

  1. He’s linked his facebook page and twitter you can follow him on either. He posts many times a day. There is nothing like a guy who posts consistently from… SPACE! 

  2. TheOven says:

    Good luck to him on his return. Harper’s busy destroying the Canadian Space Agency at the moment:

  3. rattypilgrim says:

    The image of the ocean off Mumbai looks like a Georgia O’Keefe painting.

  4. oasisob1 says:

    Astronauts should be banned from entering any photo competition unless the theme is ‘from Space’. They have an unfair advantage.

    Posted from my iPad… in Space!

  5. He’s doing media SO RIGHT. He’s also got a SoundCloud with ambient sounds from the ISS:  

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