Survey for SOPA fighters

Dierdre from the I-School at Berkeley sez, "Did you take part in history? Want to contribute your story? We want to know it. Contribute to a knowledge base designed to shed light on the public's role in the debates. Many folks have written the people out of the narrative. We know you were there, we want to make sure your role isn't lost in the dustbin. We promise to let you know what we find."


  1. This is a GREAT idea. I actually wanted to do a radio program on this very topic. I even contacted Rob to talk about what he did and who some of the players were he worked with.
    One of the reasons it’s important to understand how this worked and WHO did WHAT is because the Big money lobbyists will keep coming. And if you want to beat them back again, you will need to reengage the team who beat them the first time. 

    I see that there are a few components of this fight one was the people who made it clear what the fight was. So in that regard, Cory and Rob and Boing Boing were essential.  I’d like to know who came up with the right metaphors to use and decided to not use the BS metaphors of “This is to stop pirates!” 

    Then there are the people who Reddit  educated people on what this is important and what it means.

    Next there are all the people at who did stuff like write tools to turn pages dark, or change their home page. 

    Wikipedias decision was a way of reaching people that normally won’t notice. Google’s banner wasn’t a big, but it was important. What I’d like to know is WHO made these decisions and give the okay to implement? , “This is what we need to do.”  I don’t believe everything comes from just Jimmy Wales, I’d like to know who was the driver at Wikipedia as well as at Google..

    Of course the lobbyists might also want to know all this information to so they can
     1) Co opt them for the next time. or 
    2) try to appease them. 

     What I hope happens is that the big players who have money who are fighting this, see that these fights are done by actual people who might need funding the next time this comes up. We might be defending our rights but we are also defending someones profits (Google) They will have to reinvent the wheel if this becomes a yearly thing and the people who fought it and won the first time don’t want of fight for free again. I’m not being craven about money, it’s just annoying to me as an activist that when I’m doing work that will help protect one group of corporations that my work is taken for granted. 

    My radio show was going to discuss how will the record and movie industry do next time. What end runs, and behind the scenes tricks will they use? How can we keep abreast of them? It’s like eternal vigilance is required.  

  2. The second to last page rejects me, saying I must enter a valid ZIP code. Which is unsurprising: I’m Canadian. Bloody parochial Americans. (The front page doesn’t restrict the survey by nationality or place of residence.) Copyright is an international issue. With the so-called Canadian DMCA we had the Prime Minister’s Office is saying: We don’t care what it says as long as the Americans are happy. SOPA a) would regulate the global Internet (that was kind of the point), and b) would soon have infected us and other countries. I didn’t taint American petitions with my un-American signature, but I did black out my web site, and I spent some time writing to answer this survey.

    In the unlikely event that it exists, I wonder where zip code 00000 is. I hope I’m not the only one, and I hope the survey’s authors realize this is not only a domestic issue (nor only a copyright issue, but that’s another story – which is why I spent time writing).

  3. Thanks to all who have participated and apologies to non-US citizens we DO want your input. Valid point about the zip code field, stay tuned for a tweak. In the meantime non-American respondents can fill in 00000, and try to indicate your nationality in one of the open-ended text fields. Location of US citizens will still be helpful for the survey. If you have other research ideas on this topic feel free to contact Deirdre Mulligan ( who has been conducting interviews with a representative group of participants.  (written by Deirdre’s husband as the Professor is battling a migraine)

  4. Ya know, especially coming as it does after the DOJ persecuting Aaron Swartz to the point where he committed suicide, you people might ought to want to think about too publicly patting yourselfs on teh back about “defeating” SOPA in front of a bunch of very powerful people with very powerful friends who are all pissed off at the fact that they won’t reap the business/slash bribe benefits that SOPA offered them.

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