Tentacle plunger

From Art Lebedev studios, the "octopus" plunger, which creates the amusing illusion of a tentacled poop-monster's questing appendage reaching up out of the pan.

Вантуз «Октопус» (via JWZ)


    1. That’s cute and cool, but… who stores their plunger IN their toilet?

      Someone who is planning to give a heart attack to another person who uses the bathroom late at night (and half asleep).

    1.  Yeah – seems like so often something could be a beautiful merging of form and function, but they get it wrong in the pursuit of form over function.

      Tentacles would normally be slick and smooth and easy to clean… except for this one.

    1. “Oooh, ahhh, that’s how it always starts. Then later there’s running and screaming.”

    1. We should establish a Happy Mutant Prize, just so that we can give it to a scientist who tinkers with banana and cephalopod DNA and comes up with a banana with suction cups.

    1.  Hell, a plunger head style like that wouldn’t ever WORK in a the majority of toilets I’ve encountered. It’s got a sink plunger head.

  1. is this actually in production? Art Lebedev studios have loads nice looking ideas than never get made.

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