Grotesque creature housewares and jewelry


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  1. Bevatron Repairman says:

    The light switch.. he exists
    The light switch.. on the astral plane
    The light switch.. he has the ability to enter our universe
    The light switch.. psionic attack
    The light switch.. chaotic evil
    The light switch.. highly intelligent and unpredictable

  2. Antinous / Moderator says:

    Please tell me that she doesn’t do custom fleshlights.

  3. Hanglyman says:

    That switch plate… it’s like a gibbering mouther and a mimic had babies!

  4. bzishi says:

    Wow! It makes me want to play D&D.

  5. edgore says:

    From the Etsy site:

    “The pictures don’t do this switchplate justice! It is really more disgusting in person. ”

    That. Is. Excellent. Marketing.

    • Sekino says:

      It’s one thing when you can’t turn off the lights because you’re scared… It’s another when you can’t because you’re terrified OF the light switch.

  6. Michael says:

    As a result of one of the many poor decisions I’ve made in life, I own what is likely a lifetime supply of super sculpey. Wish I could figure out how to do something this cool with it. No idea how she does this.

    • Rich Keller says:

      Just give it a shot. Practice so you can learn how the materials work, their limitations and what they can do and then your “voice” will eventually come. 

    • edgore says:

      Go for it! What is the worst that could happen? You make some sort of hideous abomination? Wait…that’s the *best* that could happen, as shown above.

  7. Jonathan Roberts says:

    Eh, that’s OK. I wasn’t planning on sleeping tonight anyway.

  8. Rich Keller says:

    These remind me of Erroll Otus’s Lovecraftian illustrations for the Fiend Folio.

  9. Kenmrph says:

    I’m envisioning a Cronenbergian iphone case…

  10. V says:

    Perfect for the kid’s room!

  11. SamSam says:

    My wife and I are about to have a baby. We’ll be decorating the baby’s room soon. I WAAAAAAANT!!!!

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