Seven iPhone games to keep you occupied during a long flight


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  1. aperturehead says:

    I’d like to see data on whether simple book reading has declined significantly with the advent of smartphone games and non-essential apps (eBay, etc) – I’ve never been a game person (whether it’s card games, Monopoly or D & D) and am fascinated by the ability of fully grown adults to spend hours fiddling with smartphones, winding around mazes and moving magic wands and wizards around on a small playing field. I suppose the competitive nature of people fuels these gaming activities, even if the gaming aspect merely involves cartoon characters throwing digital ephemera up digital mountains or bashing one another with pretend sticks. I also suppose that gaming on an airplane makes thejourney go past effortlessly, whereas reading a book involves the difficult chore(s) of turning pages and reading. It’s all so McLuhanesque.

  2. Elisabeth Day says:

    I have a great iPhone game for long flights. It’s called, BOOKS!

  3. squidfood says:

    Has the “I don’t have a tablet” crowd become as annoying as the “I don’t have a TV” crowd now?  I like to read books on planes, but I also like to watch movies and play games, if that’s ok with you.   I don’t mind reading reviews about all of these, thanks.

    Or should we complain about every book review that comes up here and say “pick up your tablet, dammit”?

  4. Dan Hibiki says:

    I just grab an SNES emulator and play me some Legend of Zelda or Ogre Battle.

    That kills about 64 hours.

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