Excuses for chocolate, part MCLVI

"Migraine Chocolate, works safely with migraine, fatigue, lassitude and headaches."


  1. Is drug-dosed chocolate a particularly German thing?  Because they also had Panzerschockolade packed with yummy stimulants for tank crews…

  2. Migraines are actually affected by chocolate – it has a lot of caffeine and some caffeine-like stuff in it. These are big migraine triggers, but thanks to the baffling chemistry of migraines, they are also migraine treatments. 

    1. Definitely baffling. They sell migraine remedies with caffeine in them, but I’m not sure if that’s an effective “treatment”, or just a way of relieving withdrawal headaches in caffeine addicts. I have fewer migraines ever since I stopped drinking coffee, tea & caffeinated soda. Still eat chocolate though, which I hope contains negligible amounts of caffeine.

      1. From what I’ve read, the reason why caffeine may be effective at treating migraines has to do with vasoconstriction.

        One of the common working theories is that the pain is caused by dilated blood vessels pressing on nerves in the head, which irritates them.  Caffeine raises blood pressure and causes vasoconstriction, reducing pressure on the nerves and relieving the irritation.

        Relevant article section http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Migraine#Pain

        Although, there is research pointing to central nervous system causes (cortical spreading depression).

        My crappy N=1 sample is that caffeine doesn’t work.  In fact, I’ve never found a treatment that works other than sleeping, sometimes sex helps, but I haven’t seen any literature that investigates it as a treatment.  The best I can do is be very careful to avoid my triggers.

  3. “Migraine Chocolate, works safely with migraine, fatigue, lassitude and headaches.”

    Actually, non-medicated chocolate works just as safely and effectively for lassitude.

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