Crab misunderstands name of event

"To Serve Crab"


      1. I was going to post that.

        I have no idea if it’s true but a coworker told me about how his cousins in Maryland would hold crab fights like how you’d hold a cockfight.

  1. Are we sure we’re not misunderstanding the sign?  Perhaps a bunch of hungry humans will show up only to be fed to crabs.  Disturbingly grinning crabs, no less.

    1. That’s exactly right; this is not a “crab fest” or a “crab feast” or “crab boil” – it’s a crab feed, for which the crab is clearly ready (not prepared, which leads to another set of confusions).

      1.  When I was a kid, we were driving out in the country and passed a farm with a hand-painted sign that read, “Rabbits for Sale — Live or Dressed.” I begged my parents to buy me a bunny in a costume.

    1. When my family raised chickens they’d eat (cooked) chicken we threw out, and one time I found them eating a pigeon that died on the property.

      1. My tip for enjoying your life that little bit more is: Don’t ever google “chickens” and “cannibalism”.  Tl;dr: they’re not as cute as you think.

        1. I figured out that most* farm animal will try cannibalism pretty much out of pure boredom/ignorance; but pigs are only too eager to try it.

          *cows like getting at the stomach contents of cow-corpses.

        2. I got one of those facebook guilt like photos the other day, showing the differances between different chicken producers. One of them was if they cliped beaks or not. There is a reason why they clip beaks of chickens in close proxminity. They are not doing it to just be mean. I watched a TV show on it one. Disturbing to say the least. Chickens it seems are a bunch of jerks.

  2. i’m quite sure that there was a web-page devoted to cannibalistic advert images – with a special section on self-cannibalism (zB) …but damme if i can find it.

  3. I am reminded of a passage from Creation by Gore Vidal.  

    Our narrator is a Persian on embassy to the kingdoms of India, much shaken when the princes of two kingdoms depose — that is, murder and seize the kingship from — their respective fathers:

    Although I found it curiously abominable that India’s two most powerful Aryan kings should be murdered by their sons, Prince Jeta seemed not at all perturbed. “We have an old saying, ‘Princes, like crabs, eat their own parents.’ ”

  4. A Malaysian colleague once sent out a heated email in which she referred to a bad situation as being “total crab”. I immediately added it to my lexicon.

      1. How could I have missed the fork?  Seriously, I didn’t see it.
        Oh, I lost it in the foreground twigs.

  5. This is common regional/dialect usage in the U.S. mid-Atlantic region. I can see how it would sound funny to someone who had never heard it before. When I was in high school near Philadelphia the teachers would sometimes host “feeds” where they would provide snack foods for their students. A feed is a party where food is served and (typically) alcohol is not.

  6. It’s deep into crab season in Sonoma County, Ca. where Sebastopol is located. This month there are at least 11 crab feeds hosted by different groups as fund raisers.

  7. Some might say the whole capitalistic system that the Rotarians promote is in the end, from an entropic/heat death perspective, cannabilistic.   

  8. I think the word “feed” is used in an an ironic way, sort of a hipsterism for boomers.   Like we’re too cool to call it a meal, dining, or especially fundraiser.  Slumming.

  9. Guy walks into a diner and asks the waiter “Do you serve crabs?”
    Waiter says “Sure, siddown, we serve everybody!”

    No applause, just throw money.

  10. We were there yesterday and saw the sign; it inspired us to get a crab for dinner last night.  I don’t know whether the crab was expecting something rather different out of the meal.

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