Dave Barry's Insane City


6 Responses to “Dave Barry's Insane City

  1. Jorpho says:

    Huzzah!  He’s taken a break from writing Peter Pan novels!

    Big Trouble was delightful, but I never did get around to Tricky Business.

  2. Preston Sturges says:

    He’s not morphing into Carl Hiaasen is he? 

  3. Ito Kagehisa says:

    He’s right, Guido van Rossum is totally honorable.

  4. B E Pratt says:

    I think Carl Hiaasen already does a fine job of turning the weirdness up to 11. I mean, when he has a bad guy lose a forearm to a barracuda (or some such) and then have it replaced, NOT with a prosthesis but with a weed wacker…well,  the liquid I unfortunately had in my mouth at that moment exited my nose.
    BTW, I really want to see the Rock Bottom Remainders http://www.rockbottomremainders.com/

    • ophmarketing says:

      Unfortunately, the “band” disbanded last year, after their 20th anniversary gig. Perhaps a reunion tour someday…

  5. Jim Saul says:

    So have the film rights been optioned yet? Owen Wilson to star?

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