Vote for Spock socks!

Cast your vote now on Threadless for these Spock socks (called, predictably enough, "Spocks"). Leonard Nimoy called them "fascinating". Need I say more?

Score Spocks | Threadless (via IO9)


  1. These socks seem highly illogical. They feature ears on the calves, where ears are not present in humans or vulcans. They feature patterns where under most circumstances they are covered by outerwear leg-coverings. They have organizational insignia on the heels, where they are unlikely to be seen with most standardized foot-coverings. It is fascinating that these humans produce protective garments with such disregard for functionality and logic.

  2. I love the way they Klingon to the calves – looks like they’re woven from a Tholian web.  Along with my Scott-Ts, I’ll be able to Chekov everyone on my gift list!   Headin’ out to Eden…. yea, brother!!

  3. The Spocks are just about the best option.  Can someone with a Wastebook account vote for those and the “ouch” socks for me please?

  4. That’s Mr. Sock to you!

    (Come to think of it, there was a Mr. Sock on an Eek! the Cat episode where they were on a sort of Federation starship. He was a sock puppet with pointy ears.)

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