Reversible Hello Kitty Hamburger

Like I mentioned in the Blooming Flower post, I'm headed home with a suitcase full of dirty laundry and toys for my five year old. Another awesome score from this trip is the Hello Kitty Reversible 8" Plush: Hamburger, a plush Hello Kitty toy that inverts and forms a Hello Kitty hamburger. It's a thing, then it's another thing! (And there's a turkey version, too).

This thing is pretty spectacular in person. I bought it on recommendation of a nice sales clerk at Austin, TX's Toy Joy, where you can buy bats by the scoopful marvel at the Spider Duck.

If you're headed to SXSW, you should really get all your friends in a taxi and ride out to Toy Joy and then eat some of the spectacular barbecue at Ruby's BBQ, kitty-corner from the shop. It's pretty much the perfect outing, and at least as cool (if not cooler) than anything you'll actually see presented on the conference floor.


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  1. Timmo Warner says:

    It is pretty cool, but the start of the transformation looks a lot like Hello Kitty’s brains coming out.

  2. bugmaker says:

    ….i’ve seen a lot of this sort of thing in the news lately….

  3. Ben Ehlers says:

    Sports Popples were there first. 

  4. “And that, children, is how discount meats are made. Who wants more Ikea swedish meatballs?!”

  5. It’s morbidly delicious.

  6. Jonathan says:

    I saw that in a sanrio store. I like how hello kitty is holding a hamburger, implying that it turns into another hello kitty holding a hamburger, which cascades to the end. Turtles all the way down, man.

    The turkey leg one is cuter, imho.

  7. IlluminatedOne says:

    Did anyone else think dirty laundry was a crap present for a 5-year-old?

  8. Sven Oberg says:

    I’m going to assume this is a piece of satire by Cory. Nothing else makes sense.

  9. bzishi says:

    “Do you like your toy? Now do you want to go to McDonald’s? No? I guess your deprogramming is complete.”

  10. Paul Renault says:

    That camera should have zoomed in closer, ‘cuz we can still figure out what’s going on…

  11. Scott Wetterschneider says:

    Ruby’s isn’t kitty corner, it’s simply across the street, past Milto’s.

  12. Chris Collins says:

    Will there be a My Little Pony/ My Little Pony Burger version available for European markets?

  13. Cindy Yates says:

    Take your vegetarian friends along, too — Ruby’s has some awesome vegetarian options, including vegetarian chili (get a frito pie!) and jambalaya. Their black beans are pretty yummy, too. 

  14. Memories strike! I had a Gizmo toy when I was a boy that had little baby gremlins inside:

    Not the same, but thought I’d share anyway.

  15. euansmith says:

    Creepy toys… are creepy…

  16. Toy Joy says:

    Boing Boingers:
    Thanks so much for the great recommendation and flattering words. Sorry we’re not able to offer the Hello Kitty Hamburger Plush online. The Sanrio licensing rules are pretty strict (although we were able to get a Hello Kitty Stationary Subscription on our website). 

    If you’re coming to SXSW, or just in ATX, Lizzy, our owner and Head Toy Curator, is going to be leading a meetup Friday night on Toys for Techies:

    Hope to see you all there, or in the store while you’re in town!

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