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  1. Graham Jones says:

    ‘It’s about conveying your enthusiasm. My readers like that enthusiastic voice. The dirty secret about geeking out is that it becomes a meditation. What starts as a frivolous “whatever” and people go, “whatever, look at that guy with too much time on his hands” becomes a meditation. Thinking about anything and doing it well becomes meditative.’
    I love this!

    • Ryan Brown says:

      I’m sure I mentioned this before… I really don’t like the ‘too much time on their hands’ comments from people with regard to something weird or cool that someone has done.  I tend to respond to such comments by giving an opinion that these people generally need more time for their hobby projects and less time spent doing mundane things like office jobs.

  2. peregrinus says:

    Nice chat with CmdrTaco!

    Agreed on the “too much time on hands” business.  I’ve been learning to bake bread – wended my way in via surfing – and at first got that earful.  Now that I’m producing healthful loaf upon loaf (no kidding – take out all the rubbish industrial bakers chuck in and … no bloating, no nothing odd going on – just regular food!) and structuring the baking times around my day, I’ve defeated the cynics and mockers and converted my kids to the DaddyBaker’s coarse ground wholemeal bread.

    Even if all the R&D winds up nowhere, so long as my kids see and join it, they’re gaining a spirit of adventure and experimentation that will add to their enjoyment of life.

    They may even create www 5.0.  Who knows!?!

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