Kaki King: "Cargo Cult," from the new album, "Glow" (and an upcoming BB Virgin America channel appearance)

I just floated back to the mainland after three wonderful weeks working and experiencing new things in Hawaii. While I was there, I ran into Boing Boing pal Kaki King (web, amazon, twitter), who very kindly agreed to sit down with us for the taping of Boing Boing's next edition of our in-flight Virgin America channel (it's channel 10 on their planes, and if you haven't watched it before, I guarantee you'll love it). She played a live session for Boing Boing, and talked with us about the new record. I can't wait for all of our readers, all of her fans, and all of Virgin America's passengers to get turned on to the wonderful music she played for us on a sunny, breezy day on the island of Oahu.

Kaki's most recent album "Glow" came out in late 2012 when I was still right in the middle of cancer treatment, and I wasn't really keeping up with new musical releases. But I listened to it last week with her in a new mutual friend's home on Oahu, on a rainy, windy island winter day. And man, I was totally smitten. It's a masterpiece of layered, melodic guitar, with accompaniment by the Ethel string quartet. It's her best work ever.

Download it. Here's the first video from the new album, "Cargo Cult." It's been in my head the whole trip home.

For our readers in Japan and Europe: She's touring where you are, now through Spring.

Boing Boing first discovered Kaki back in 2008, when we interviewed her at the first annual Outside Lands music and arts festival in San Francisco.

Below, a still from the recent shoot in Hawaii! Stay tuned for more.

Photo: Brad Watanabe/beradstudio.com

Photo: kakiking.com