Machine of Death: the game -- blazing Kickstarter success looking working toward awesome stretch goals

David Wondermark" Malki ! sez, "We've taken the Machine of Death concept [ed: a wildly successful independent anthology of stories about a world where a machine can accurately forecast your date of death] and adapted it into a pretty wacky party game. You play assassins who know their target's death prediction in advance, and have to come up with creative ways of making it come true. It's a storytelling game that's kind of like Rube Goldberg meets a Roadrunner cartoon meets MURDER. We've already blown past our Kickstarter goal and are now fundraising to add more and more cool stretch goal cards by webcomics artists! We also have some handmade laser-cut deluxe game boxes that'll only be available during the Kickstarter. We've been thrilled by the response to the game so far and are really excited to see it become a reality!"

Machine of Death: The Game of Creative Assassination (Thanks, David!)


  1. IIRC the premise is that the machine can actually forecast the CAUSE, not date, of one’s death. More suspenseful that way, probably.

  2. You can read many MANY “machine of death” short stories online, for free:

    I made the mistake of clicking on the PDF and not getting any sleep until I finished.

    Awesome stuff. Yep, I’m in for an edition. But then again, who doesn’t want cards that say “OLD AGE” and “BANANA PEEL” on them?

  3. I’m in. My friends, not interested. My local hackerspace has a biweekly game day however…

  4. Ok, I don’t care if some think I’m a spoilsport – do we really want to encourage people to enjoy thinking of “creative” ways of killing each other — as a game?

    1. If you’re concerned about a rash of drive-by quicksandings or mass piranha attacks , I think it’ll be okay.

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