Scowler: nightmare-fuel horror novel about a monstrous father


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  1. Sean McGurr says:

    Looks like Walter White has moved on from Breaking Bad.

    • nuschu says:

      I was thinking Tobias Funke :)

    • says:

      Yeah, this is some horrible book cover design. All I thought was Walter White – which makes me feel like it’s a rip off of Breaking Bad’s ‘bad Dad’ trope.

      • Halloween_Jack says:

        I’m sure it’s meant to evoke Walter, which is not terribly surprising given standard book publishing marketing techniques and tactics. (Wander around Barnes & Noble’s YA fiction section and you’ll see that a majority of the books seemed aimed squarely at Twilight and Hunger Games fandoms, although it’s arguable that the reason why that section is so big is because of those series’ popularity.) 

    • Jon Bakos says:

      Nah, this is Marvin! Uhhh… Marvin W. White.

  2. SedanChair says:

    Mustache prejudice continues

  3. welcomeabored says:

    ‘Scowler is built around scenes of such terrifying grisliness and cruelty it’ll keep you up at night for weeks afterward’

    Hmmmmm *weighs love of a good story in one hand and love of a good night’s sleep in the other*… nope, think I’ll pass, and I loved ‘Rotters’.  There’s such a thing as overselling, Cory.

  4. Boundegar says:

    I’ve read The Wasp Factory, and didn’t see it as horror.  Truly bizarre, but aside from the burning dogs it wasn’t all that scary.  Did I miss the point?

    • phuzz says:

      When I read *that* scene (involving a baby) I had to put the book down, and go sit in the lounge with my friend for half an hour or so just to be able to chill out slightly, and I don’t usually get affected by most stuff.

      • Halloween_Jack says:

        Yeah, that was pretty nasty, but honestly? When someone recommended the book to me they talked up that scene a lot without saying exactly what happened, and once I read it, I didn’t think that it quite warranted the build-up that my friend had given it. Maybe it’s because I saw movies like Galaxy of Terror and Humanoids from the Deep when I was younger.

  5. Thü says:

    Yea, its obviously a Walter White image taken and slightly changed.

  6. Dabidoh Sambone says:

    A college job of mine was minding the True Crime section at Bookstop. How I LOATHED the people that frequented that section and their fascination with twisted murder and grisly torture. While I emphatically don’t equate playing Halo to gun violence the opposite is true of the murder and horror “literature” genre. It emboldens and tutors that segment of the population most likely to emulate what they read. I’m not going to draft legislation to ban it – but I sure would appreciate not seeing it plugged on BoingBoing.

  7. pjcamp says:

    I don’t know why everyone sees Walter White when I see a mustachioed Steve Jobs.

  8. digital says:

    Yeah it does look like Walter White with a mustache. He does conjure up evilness from his breaking bad role!

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