Cory at Forbidden Planet London with Rapture of the Nerds this Saturday!

Hey, Londoners! A quick reminder that I'll be signing the new UK edition of Rapture of the Nerds this Saturday at Forbidden Planet on Shaftesbury Ave at 13h. Come on down and say hi!


  1. I will be present in 3D printed effigy only, alas.

    (Didn’t have enough advance notice of the event; had prior commitments 400 miles away by the time it was finalized.)

  2. Will see if I can juggle family time!  If you’re in the area Friday I’ll treat you to a coffee at Monmouth.  Dang – I work 5 minutes from FP!

  3. How do these signings work? I’ve got Cory’s (and Charlie’s) books on my Kindle, but I’d be interested in kissing the ring or paying respect to one of my favourite authors = D

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