Dinner in the Haunted Mansion

Holy. Blistering. Crap.

There was a dinner inside the Disneyland Haunted Mansion. And I didn't get to go.

I literally squealed with delight. It was the most amazing table setting I’ve ever seen. Fresh flowers, gorgeous vases, elegant table ware, goblets to drink from — it was very overwhelming.

From what I could tell, the table was basically a replica of the table in the Haunted Mansion ballroom. Even the plates, goblets & tablecloth looked the same!

To distract us while the cast members were dressing the table up for dessert, we were all told that we were going to take a ride on the Haunted Mansion. Because we were not done with our dining experience, we were going to ride the Doom Buggies round trip and exit the attraction where we entered. Already cool, right???

Well, at this time, we were also informed that our special dinner guests had to leave for a photo opp and they’d be back in a bit to join us for dessert. BUT, tricky Disney… They actually planted our guests IN the ride and the photo opp was for us! Seriously hysterical. So, as we rode around in our Doom Buggies, each person had a special spot to wave to us. AND yep, we were allowed to take photos, with flash!

Dining in Disneyland: Marc Davis Centennial Dinner INSIDE the Haunted Mansion (Thanks, Thomas Valley!)


  1. OK. It’s time for this or that, or which would you rather…

    This dinner, or an Explorer’s Club dinner?

  2. Just the dessert alone would have made this worthwhile.  I’m no huge Disneyphile (I had to look up Marc Davis on Wikipedia, for Pete’s sake), but that dessert looks like the dessert to end all geeky desserts.  I don’t even care what it tasted like, that looked so damn cool.

    1. Come on, give it just one more try. Re-read your Baudrillard and your basic Leibniz and see if the effort doesn’t pay off this time around.

  3. OK, that’d be extremely cool.  I once had a ladyfriend who would have ovulated at this chance, she liked Disneyland so much,

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