Kickstarter to save the brilliant zine store READING FRENZY

Reading Frenzy, the astoundingly great zine store in Portland, OR, lost its lease. They need to raise $50K to reopen. The store's founder, Chloe Eudaly, writes,

Reading Frenzy, a small but internationally renowned bookshop in Portland, Oregon devoted to small press and self-published titles, lost their lease and is kickstarting their relaunch! Plans include doubling their size and scope, adding a dedicated gallery space, increasing their events programming, and eventually adding workshop space, a reading room, and an artists' book and zine print-on-demand project. Rewards include a variety of top notch printed matter by some of their favorite artists, including Miranda July, Nikki McClure, and Carson Ellis.

Their project is currently hovering at about 30% funded with three weeks to go. This is an all or nothing scenario -- if the project doesn't succeed, Reading Frenzy will not reopen, and the world will have one less awesome independent bookshop. Weirdest moment in the project so far: When Miranda July's tweet about the campaign was retweeted by (our hero) Judd Apatow!

This is one of the best bookstores I've ever visited. The world needs it! Chloe is a brilliant bookseller, too, and as she points out, if not for the rotten luck of losing a lease, the business would be humming along merrily, and also spinning off more projects like its zine-creator's makerspace, the Independent Publishing Resource Center.

Reading Frenzy Relaunch!


  1. For the bookstore’s sake I hope the lease holder will be kind enough to allow them a reasonable amount of time. And won’t try to force them out by raising the rent. I’ve known good, and thriving, businesses that lost their lease and were forced out because the property owner had a higher paying client waiting in the wings.

    1. No, there was no reasonable amount of time! Everything had to get boxed up and taken out of the space. They almost had another location to move to in time – but the negotiations fell through, and now Reading Frenzy is the the hard spot of not making money while closed, having to pay to store everything while seeking a new location, and then all the costs of finding and setting up a new location. They really need the help, and they so deserve it!

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