HOWTO turn your shell-prompt into a hamburger


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  1. This will work in Fedora as well (and presumably any other modern Linux). However, the icons will be in black and white rather than color.

  2. John Bodart says:

    I’ll try this in Ubuntu and see if it works.

  3. Maya Angelou says:

    My burger doesn’t seem to have an alpha mask like the one in the screenshot; it has an opaque off-white box around it.  Anybody know why?  Also does anybody have a reference for the codes for other emojis?

  4. Why have burger, when you can have beer?
    export PS1=”w

  5. DevinC says:

    If Cory turned his shell prompt into a banana, how long would he spend just looking at it?

    Would dehydration become a factor?

  6. freshyill says:

    “Apparently some Macs ship with an Emoji font installed”

    Macs have had Emoji support since Lion came out in 2011.

  7. Boundegar says:

    Dot-profile?  Shell?  This doesn’t sound at all like DOS.

  8. Angling Saxon says:

    People use Macs?

  9. surryhill says:

    Why not add an emoji clock with half hour accuracy to your 
    oh-my-zsh prompt?

  10. Fred Talmadge says:

    I can hear terminal snobs scream about wasted overhead.  

  11. quazi says:

    My boss is a vegetarian, so he would prefer a Tofurky Hot Dog Prompt.

  12. TsukiNoKemuri says:

    For a shell prompt, wouldn’t a taco be better?

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