Insane tees - Kickstarted, full-shirt printing with indie artist designs

Jordan sez, "Our t-shirt company was just successfully funded through Kickstarter, now at $46,000+ with 4 days to go. We take insane art from independent artists and throw them on shirts using a new type of printing called Sublimation. It allows us to print ALL OVER the shirt in extremely vibrant colors."

Not all this stuff is up my street, but some of it is pretty fawesome.

RaveNectar: This isn't clothing - it's an EXPERIENCE. (Thanks, Jordan)


    1.  It really has. To such extent that most firms that utilize it don’t have unprinted creases interrupting the graphic. That flaw is a result of printing on a made shirt, it is certainly not “a quirk of Sublimation printing”

      Ten-to-one that a “customization” firm like Zazzle eats their lunch with:

      – a better product, printed pre-assembly, maybe even assembled in US/Canada after printing, like their recent Rickshaw endeavor.

      – more control/options for the individual artist

      – zero made inventory burden

      – online interface for all involved

      – streamlined supply chains

      – etc

      I wish them well despite the several obvious fails,

      and note that as it stands IMO they can probably deliver the shirts they have committed to via the kickstarter, possibly even professionally printed, not what they propose,

      and still walk away with up to 15-20 grand,

      if they decide to cut bait.

      1. Zazzle don’t provide the service and I’m not aware of any other print on demand service providing that. And if it’s been around for ages and nobody is doing it makes it less likely that someone is going to sweep in at this stage. They’ve already presold a lot of t-shirts and have raised $54,547 which is really impressive.

  1. Yeah… I had a Wolverine shirt like that in the 5th grade.   That was a long time ago.

    As a result, I can’t really take these shirts seriously.  I’d feel like I was in 5th grade again.  

  2. You got my attention with the b&w one but they lost it with every other shirt offered.  Maybe they will dial it in once they get rolling but even so, $50 is a lot of cheddar for a tshirt.

  3. The black and white one, the lion, and the hindu god looking one are the best. As for the “quirk” with sublimation printing (the blank spots at the arm pits), I have a shirt done like this and instead of fighting those, they made them more obvious. But it works on the shirt I have because they printed on a light yellow jersey instead of brilliant white. It muddied the colors but that works nonetheless because the design is a distressed pulp magazine look.

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