HOWTO make Wonder Woman bracelets out of toilet paper rolls


7 Responses to “HOWTO make Wonder Woman bracelets out of toilet paper rolls”

  1. Just don’t try stopping bullets with them…

    • ChickieD says:

      There’s an episode of Charlie’s Angels where the Angels are all handcuffed together. I was watching it with my brother and all snarky like we are saying to each other, “Stop the bullets with your bracelets girls!” Then they really did it! They just don’t make action shows like they used to.

  2. sam1148 says:

    OMG! That child has NO THUMBS! 

  3. liquidself says:

    Oh My this made me laugh so hard. Originally used as protection against GG Allin.

  4. Ramone says:

    Dammit, this page needs a Pintrest button!

  5. Linda Keaton says:

    This is interesting for kids,, they would love it.

  6. NoOneSpecific says:

    Ok, now we have the “How”. Can we now discuss the “WHY”???

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