Intergalactic jewel thief Makiedoll mod


8 Responses to “Intergalactic jewel thief Makiedoll mod”

  1. Luke Howison says:

    This looks great.  Interesting that the secret to making them appear less creepy is to turn them into aliens.

    • Sparrow says:

      That’s the uncanny valley in action. When it isn’t supposed to look human, it’s not as creepy as when it looks almost human (but with exposed joints.)

    • knoxblox says:

       So right. I think the standard Makies are soo creepy, like my mom’s old dolls, but somehow, this is rather sexy, in an androgynous way.

  2. Halloween_Jack says:

    Sorry she’s a bit “fur coat and no knickers” at the moment
    No need to apologize; I love that phrase/concept.

  3. vonbobo says:

    I’m going to launch a startup called Makie Pants.

  4. So I’m assuming we’re encouraged to mod our dolls?  I made a mock-up of one a few weeks ago – I wanted to make a doll of the antagonist in my WIP (who’s an albino cave fairy living under Hamilton Ontario) – and it didn’t come out the way I wanted.
    But I could get a plainer one and try this way…I’m not sure I’m that talented.

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