Intergalactic jewel thief Makiedoll mod

Kaitan modded his 3D printed Makie doll into a spectacular intergalactic jewel-thief, complete with accessories.

She was dyed using a mixture of green and yellow iDye poly. Her face up/ body up (?) was done with Perfect pearls iridescent powders, pastels, fine glitter and acrylic paint. The scaly pattern covers her arms,legs and torso as well as her head. She was going to have bright red hair, but I decided I like her bald! smile

Sorry she's a bit “fur coat and no knickers” at the moment - I haven't gotten around to making her other clothes yet smile

Her shoes are painted Makielab black wedges with additional jewels. And of course she gets her own fabulous personalised gun

Lock up your valuables, Higi is about! (via Wonderland)

(Disclosure: My wife is the founder of MakieLab, who manufacture Makie dolls)


    1. That’s the uncanny valley in action. When it isn’t supposed to look human, it’s not as creepy as when it looks almost human (but with exposed joints.)

    2.  So right. I think the standard Makies are soo creepy, like my mom’s old dolls, but somehow, this is rather sexy, in an androgynous way.

  1. Sorry she’s a bit “fur coat and no knickers” at the moment
    No need to apologize; I love that phrase/concept.

  2. So I’m assuming we’re encouraged to mod our dolls?  I made a mock-up of one a few weeks ago – I wanted to make a doll of the antagonist in my WIP (who’s an albino cave fairy living under Hamilton Ontario) – and it didn’t come out the way I wanted.
    But I could get a plainer one and try this way…I’m not sure I’m that talented.

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