Sushi tuna model that decomposes into individual delicacies

Francesco sez, "A Japanese company has released a plastic figure of a tuna fish. The figure is 33cm long and features a working table and the traditional 'Maguro bōchō' knife to cut the tuna. This figure costs ¥29,000 (USD292) in Japanese hobby stores."

I love that it's themed for the Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo, which may be the most memorable place I've ever visited.

Maguro Figure: il modellino perfetto per gli amanti del Sushi! (Thanks, Francesco!)


  1. Well, after Japan and Europe finish fishing our poor friend the bluefin tuna out of existence, we’ll at least still have a plastic model to remember him by…. 

    1. Aw, man! I was gonna comment that I’d rather have $300 in real sushi, but now I feel bad.  You just yucked my yum with science. Thanks a lot.

        1. And I am sure that this very coarse and unsympathetic humor has killed a few more. Alas, for we are unreconstructed males and enjoy our crude laughs.

  2. Old news. They sold a tiny key-chain version of this for 200 yen in capsule machines in Kobe. I had the pig and chicken versions that had all the cuts of meat labeled and semi-see through.

    1. Pro tip: you can present this very interesting information in this context without belittling the OP. Try it.

      1.  I have no illusion that the OP knows or cares what I post. Thanks for sharing your opinion.

        1. Amateur tip: reading comprehension is all important around here. Try reading twice or ask a friend to explain it to you.

          1. You’re being rude and vague, and I just don’t care.

            But, uh, thanks for all the replies, I guess?

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