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12 Responses to “Short UK documentary about woman threatened with terrorism charges for videorecording cops while they stop-and-searched her boyfriend on the tube”

  1. pablohoney says:

    on the tune? or tube as in underground, as in subway?

  2. wderanged says:

    Great video, stuff like this always raises my blood pressure.

    Also at 2:10 there’s a guy in the BBC news room “swimming” on his chair :)

  3. boise427 says:

    When the police are performing their duties, they should welcome the spotlight as it will allow them to  show the public examples of their excellent work. If they want to avoid being monitored, the reason may be that their performance may be in question.

    • Boundegar says:

       Impossible, for the police are the good guys, and therefore not wrong.  If you question them, clearly you are on the side of evil.

      • Antinous / Moderator says:

        You’d think that people in the UK would remember the Sheriff of Nottingham.

  4. Gulliver says:

    Good summary. I have a question though. Is the law’s provision that the police may stop someone from filming them if they have a reasonable suspicion that the person is a terrorist, or merely reasonable suspicion that the filming may be useful to a terrorist? The scene in the theater seemed to say the later, but the scene in the classroom said the former. The reason I ask is that the latter provision would be open to much wider speculation and interpretation, and thus much more ripe for abuse with impunity. If I were as British subject, I’d want the law to go either way, since it clearly tramples rather than promotes the public wellfare. Granted, I want the law scrapped anyway, but I don’t presume to tell the British people how to govern themselves.