China Mieville's turn-it-to-11 high weirdness reboot of "Dial H"


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  1. You know, just this week I was thinking about “Dial H for Hero” and Robby Reed’s exclamation “Sockamagee!” and just how much I’m over the new, more realistic (that is, more cynical and violent) default comic universes and how the comics of a more innocent time had their virtues, and then I see this?

    Really? China Mieville and “Dial H for Hero”? This is just wrong, deeply wrong, a terrible idea. Mieville is far too down and heavy a writer for…

    Cock-a-Hoop? Well. Okay, then. Carry on.

  2. Kirby_G says:

    OMG!   When I was a kid I LOVED “Dial H for Hero”.  I had a full set!  The premise was that readers sent in ideas for new and strange heroes, and they were used in the comic.  Every time these two kids dialled their amulets, they turned into a new hero, and the author of the idea got a little credit in the panel.  Then they had to go figure out how to solve the problem using just their new powers.

    I’m looking forward to the re-imagining.

  3. Jim Nelson says:

    Never has a review more quickly made me buy something. Time to strap my brain into its chair, because turbulence is coming!

  4. Oh my god, Captain Lachrymose.  Dying over here.

  5. scav says:

    You know, the Cock-a-Hoop image really belongs on that blog of comic book panels taken out of context that was mentioned the other day.

  6. puppybeard says:

    This. Looks. DEADLY!

  7. Avram Grumer says:

    Wait, is this out in the stores now? I’ve been waiting for months, ever since I saw that preview excerpt with the Native American hero. 

    • Mark Orr says:

      It’s been out for months!  I’ve been reading the whole series: Other heroes you may have missed:
      -The Bristol Bloodhound: Nuclear Rocket Dog!
      -The Glimpse: Master of stealth, we never actually see more than a foot, shoulder, or hand.
      -Captain Plankton: A swarm of superpowered micro-fauna of the deep!
      -Flame War: His insults burn… literally!

      • Anoz says:

        By far the internet/pop-culture related heroes are there just for the laughs.  And they pay off.  Flame War was hilarious. 

  8. Jorpho says:

    I guess there’s no chance of a preview of this appearing on Free Comic Book Day (Coming Soon!), is there?

    Then again, the stores always run out of the best stuff long before I ever get there.

  9. Anoz says:

    The series is one of the few I look forward to in the world of the double reboot (Marvel doing the MARVEL NOW! to join in on the New52 thing DC has, both of which I’m “meh” about).  It’s bizarre all the time.    The “heroes” themselves even have an origin, which I’m sure is part of some greater story, but it’s just a fun read. 

    The only downpoint I have had in the series was recently when the main character managed to steal a prominent A-string DC character’s power, which forced me to go to that book for the fallout.  I was enjoying this book existing largely outside of whatever is going on in the latest “world changing event” of the greater DC universe. 

    I actually laughed out loud at the cliffhanger and ultimate reveal/post-cliffhanger of what happens when you get a sidekick dial and a hero dial together.  It’s 100% obvious, 100% squicky (once you know the characters), and 110% awesome. 

  10. Daemonworks says:

    So, it’s basically Captain Trips without the drugs.

    Or at least not on the part of the character.

    • I believe that Wild Cards characters – including Captain Trips – were created with Chaosium’s Superworld! system, which probably had an included system to represent body-swapping superheroes, like Captain Marvel or Miracleman.

  11. Who they need to get on ‘Dial H’ if/when Mieville leaves is the kid that writes Axe Cop…

  12. pbasch says:

    This is my favorite comic now, even more so than the Morrison Action Comics. I love the prominence of Canada (O, Canada! Terre de mes aieux…), and the sheer inventiveness and nuttiness. And, a little like the late, lamented, “Young Heroes in Love,” in which characters would spend a page deciding if they were “cape-worthy”, it makes the universe so much more real and delightful than mere fights-in-tights.
    I took a look at a preview of China’s novels, and the prose struck me (in the snippet I checked out) as clotted and overworked. On the other hand, his comic is light and refreshing!

  13. PhasmaFelis says:

    Mieville writing superheroes. Well, that’s fucking fantastic. Sure am looking forward to the hero’s girlfriend getting raped into mental retardation.

    • scav says:

      OK, China Mieville is not overly nice to his characters, possibly even more so than George R.R. Martin. But the genre of Perdido Street Station can be fairly accurately described as horror, so: deal with it.

      BTW Lin’s brain damage / loss of mind was caused by an attack from a Slake Moth, not the rape.

  14. PhasmaFelis says:

    Is the somewhat overweight fellow in the lead image the same guy that the article described as “morbidly obese”? ‘Cause if so, we’ve got a disconnect somewhere.

    • Antinous / Moderator says:

      A less obvious, male version of:

      There’s a bimbo on the cover of my book!
      There’s a bimbo on the cover of my book!
      She is blonde and she is sexy;
      She is nowhere in the text. She
      Is a bimbo on the cover of the book!

      All verses here.

  15. pbasch says:

    PhasmaFelis, The cover art shows the hero as slimmer than the internal art. Inside the comic, he’s much heavier.
    Another weird thing about the brilliant cover artist (Brian Bolland, I think?) – he apparently has never looked at a dial telephone close-up. In the latest issue, he draws a dial as one of those faux dials featuring round push-buttons arranged in a circle instead of, well, a “dial.” He also has buttons for # and *! We know those were introduced with Touch-Tone phones… right? We do know that? I hope so….

  16. RaidenDaigo says:

    Reminds me of Grant Morrison’s  Doom Patrol run. So i am definitely going to buy this.

  17. Jodi Ralston says:

    Awesome concept.  And I love that each hero has a backstory.  I wonder, though, if he ever turns into a female superhero?

  18. DaddyNewt says:

    The original Dial H for Hero series rocked my little comicbook-buying brain when I was a kid. I bought my copies almost 50 years ago.

  19. I Don’t believe! China Mieville and “Dial H for Hero”? Something is going wrong, deeply wrong, a terrible idea. Mieville is far too down and heavy a writer for…Alex @ Trainings

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