VR helmet Guillotine simulator

Disunion is a guillotine simulator that uses the Oculus Rift VR headset to bring you a realistic experience of being beheaded (this experience is enhanced by a strategic neck-chop!). It was created in two days at the Exile game jam by Erkki Trummal, André Berlemont and Morten Brunbjerg, who clearly enjoy making people feel like they're had their heads lopped off just a little too much.



  1. Robert Schimmel speculated about what a beheaded person might think. He believed their first thought would be, “Help, I can’t feel my legs!”

    1. I would think rolling around in a small basket might be dizzying, and then it dawns on you: I’m a head! I try not to think of stories of kids using the heads for soccer balls.

  2. Trigger warning, trigger warning!  Dammit, this is totally taking me back to that one time I got guillotined.

      1. Now, that’s for the later game. Which would have never come if the execution of the Dragonborn was successful. Maybe that would be a better turn of events altogether, as the dragons never spread if he doesn’t kill his first one.

  3. Still on their drawing board:   what it feels like to get kicked in the nuts with a steel-toed boot; garrotting; disembowelment; nail removal with rusty pliers; being set on fire; drawn and quartered; tarred and feathered; boiled in oil…  oh, the possibilities are endless.

  4. Kinda tacky, but it could be put to great use when changed to the simulate the electric chair, hanging or poisoning still used in certain countries.

  5. I’d love to see them take this to the next level and build a guillotine machine, complete with heavy  blade that, while missing the subject, looked real on the outside and landed with enough force to fool the body as well as the eyes. (maybe a slight shock, like mild tazer to make the body spasm?) Also, the CG should be movie quality with options to have a bucket or not. Maybe they could fade to black? Your friends could be in the crowd watching, just set up a digital photo-booth and map the faces on. It could be all quite convincing to the subject – with the exception of the VR goggles.

    And then they should sell it to Disneyland… or, if they don’t want it, I bet those folks at the Wonderland LA gallery would dig it. (http://www.wonderlandla.net)

    1. Seems like you’d have only a second or two to bounce around the basket or bucket before your eyes are blinded by the shower of your own blood.  Kinda makes me wonder why anyone would bother affording the accused the dignity of a basket in the first place.  Seems like half the fun would be the spectacle of the wide-eyed head bouncing down a small grassy hill and coming to eventual rest at the crowd’s feet.  Surely plenty of people would be curious about how quickly the head would stop blinking and grimacing.

      1. Actually, most of the blood stays on the other side of the blade. The basket is for the sensibilities of the audience/respect for the dead. Several French physicians studied the responses of severed heads and even made arrangements for communication with the soon-to-be-beheaded in advance. They believed cognition could last up to several minutes before lack of oxygen to the brain caused paralysis of the face. There are several websites on historical use of guillotines on the web if you are so inclined.

        1. most of the blood stays on the other side of the blade. 

          Of course.  I’d forgotten we were discussing guillotines.  Someone’s mention of Skyrim upthread had me thinking of the headsman’s axe instead.

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