3D printing for kids, this weekend in Toronto!


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  1. codepoet127 says:

    I made a typo in the date! We are at Harbourfront this weekend 18-20th and our 3D station will be at the Marilyn Brewer Community Space 235 Queens Quay West. We will be there 11-5 pm Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

  2. awjt says:

    I bet a kid could fix all the problems with those stupid gun files everyone’s trying to print. 

  3. Vinnie Tesla says:

    I think I’ll continue to try to make them the old-fashioned way.

    What, should I have read further than the headline?

  4. austinhamman says:

    i think 3d printing and children go well together. i still remember as a kid making 3d models with amorphium and how i would have loved to print those models off.
    and it’s something,oddly enough, i hadn’t thought of before: making toys for kids, or more to the point letting kids make their own toys or print off their own toys or props for their toys.
    hell i remember how awesome it was as a kid that i could make colour prints of things from my computer or scan things and print them off, it was amazing.

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