Library Lounge: decorating with books

The Library Lounge at the B2 Boutique Hotel Zürich is one of those amazing temple-of-books rooms that always make me catch my breath. If I had a teleporter, this is where I'd go every time I felt stressed out. (Except for the wallpaper with the pattern that looks like JPEG artifacts -- that'd have to go).

Library Lounge – B2 Boutique Hotel Zurich (via Attack of the Bonniegrrl)


  1. …But are these books just decoration like wallpaper?   Books want to be read!  Those books are stacked so high no-one will even see what the ones on the higher shelves are. :

    1. Bravo! My first thought as well. If you don’t have ladders to reach the books on the upper shelves, then what is the point of putting them there?

      1. You two have clearly never seen Mickey in the Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Levitatus tomus!

  2.  It is a working library, you can check the books out while you are there is my understanding. They acquired the collection of new and used bookseller that closed.

  3. Tales From the Abuse of In-Browser Image Resizing:

    That little image of chairs (with the offending wallpaper in the background)? The one that displays as just 234 × 157?

    It’s actually 2480 × 1662 and is ~800KB. For a 234 × 157 thumbnail.

  4. I find those chandeliers made from bottle washing racks to be the most interesting things depicted.

    1.  I was trying to figure out what those lights were made of. It appears the glass portion is actually empty beer bottles, complete with those ceramic caps that snap on.

  5. The University of Illinois has a mansion that was given to them decades ago that they use as a conference center. It’s clearly modelled after British manor houses and the main lecture hall is the library, still stocked with tall bookcases like this.

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