Shambling Guide to New York City


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  1. jtollert says:

    This is an incredible work and well worth anyone’s purchase.  Mur has recently stepped down from her editorial duties at Escape Pod, though.

  2. KBert says:

    On the bleeding edge; not 1 review @ Amazon yet!
    I’ll have to learn of mightymur; thank you

  3. I can see this becoming a Joss Wedon-esque TV series within the next few years. 

  4. Cthulhim says:

    GawainLavers, it’s a case of parallel development. Mur released a Shambling Guide for New Orleans as part of a fundraiser book for Katrina, back in 2005. She also read an early draft of the first chapters of this book at Balticon in 2008, and played with similar themes in her podiobook “The Takeover,” which came out in 2009.

  5. billstewart says:

    Every day I’m shamblin’, shamblin’, shamblin’ …

  6. JoshP says:

    she also maintains a fairly high level domestic warrior character.  wtg Mur.

  7. chrisdag says:

    bought it; read it; loved it.  Thanks! 

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