Anno NTK: 15-year-old tech news just keeps on getting better

It's been just over a year since Anno NTK launched, a kind of Wayback Machine for the wonderful old-school UK tech newsletter Need to Know. Each week, Danny O'Brien will send you a fifteen-year-old edition of NTK, letting you catch up on the tech news of the late 1990s. This week's is especially grand:

Linus "Bigger than Elvis" Torvalds, accompanied by backing singers Alan Cox and Jamie Zawinski, will be fighting off the screaming teenage fans at Duke University's LINUX EXPO '98 this weekend. You're not there, clearly, otherwise you wouldn't be sober enough to read this. You can, however, glean a vicarious buzz by reading the inevitable flurry of announcements on the Website. Not least among them will be the definitive answer to the "Emacs vs Vi" question provided, not by a Magic Eightball, but by a magic *Paintball* face-off. It's the only way.
- Linus! Linus! Marry me! MARRY ME!
- looking forward to the cheers:
"H-J-K-L, what can we pipe through ispell? VI!"
"Give us a '(' - Give us another '('! Give us a '('!..."

Anno NTK


  1. OMG! I’ll have to check that out. I did a stand up routine for a Tech event where I questioned the people who developed VI. “Were you on acid when you wrote that? What’s with all the flashing and shit? Escape! Escape! What were you trying to escape from?”

  2. I am so old. 15 years back and it is still a decade past my college years.

    My graduate school college years.

  3. I was at Linux Expo 98 and met the Man himself there.  Still have my Editor Wars t-shirt (VI clan)

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