TSA Denver tries to confiscate Chewbacca actor's light-saber cane


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  1. tré says:

    To be fair, there’s no way to know that’s not a real lightsaber.  That said, I’m pretty sure that lightsabers aren’t on the prohibited items list.

    • akbar56 says:

       Actually….they are.  Two years ago I flew to my Dad’s house with three 2x2x12 inch blocks of wood in my bag. No, problems at all did TSA have with me having three heavy sharp cornered blocks of wood. At my Dad’s house I used his lathe to fashion wooden light saber hilts. Attempting to fly back, TSA now had a problem with my rounded blocks of wood that were suddenly now weapons. So with this I can just deduce that TSA does ban Light Sabers, if they are wooden replicas or canes. It is still a functional weapon to these idiots.

      • tré says:

        By that logic, you should just be able to wave your hand a bit and tell them that those aren’t the items they’re looking for.

      • Christopher Houser says:

        To be fair, you can bring a file and a bar of steel, and file it down into a knife while on the plane.

        But really, TSA needs to pull their heads from their asses.

    • Brainspore says:

      The kicker is that the screeners missed the bowcaster entirely.

  2. Nice to see confirmation that the security “rules” created/enforced by a government agency can be overruled by a corporation on request.  Citizens?  Not so much.

  3. kiptw says:

    Denver TSA jerks stole my Swiss Army Knife that I’d had since the 70s.

    • Navin_Johnson says:

      You honestly didn’t know you couldn’t bring a knife on a plane?

      • Ha, I was about to do my cookie cutter ‘sharp things are everywhere’ bit – but you got here first!

        You can’t be my new enemy, The Jerk is one of my favourite films :(

        In all seriousness though I’m sure the situation was far less intentional. Pen-knives, by their very nature are normally carried on a keychain, in a pocket, or live permanently in that little oft-forgotten about pocket in your rucksack. I’ve always got one with me. It may even terrify you to learn that my father likely took one to America, in his pocket (!!).

        • kiptw says:

          Indeed, it was accidental (and stupid) on my part, and I had a choice of missing my flight and paying for a new ticket or giving up my little gizmo. I’d traveled with it a few times, always returning it to luggage before taking off. This time was the exception.

          More recently, I forgot a penknife that was in my toiletry kit that was in my overnight bag. They now have a thing in place where you give them the knife and about ten bucks, and they mail it to you a couple of months later. I’d gladly have gone with that option in Denver, and I applaud whoever came up with it.

        • Navin_Johnson says:

          Nothing terrifying, just kind of an obvious thing that will be confiscated whether you agree with the policy or not. I can understand if somebody forgot their pocket knife in their backpack or something, but I can’t understand being surprised that you can’t take it with you.

          • Ultimately I agree with you, hence why I pointed out that it was likely accidental, rather than trying to argue that it was the right thing to do.

            I find it sad that it’s ‘obvious’ though. That just means we’ve been trained well.

      • And yet corkscrews are allowed.  Even though you can’t bring anything that would require a corkscrew.

        • RElgin says:

          Umm, you reminded me of the law in Chattanooga, Tennessee I encountered once where I could buy good wine at a wine & liquor store but not a corkscrew – it was forbidden.  Perhaps that was the TSA Wine & Liquor store . . .

  4. Christopher Barnes says:

    I love Mr. Mayhews’ twitter handle

  5. crankypage says:

    Wait, what? A few tweets from a million mile flier and it’s ok but a non-famous person would have the same item confiscated? Dammit, TSA, at the very least stick with your poorly-formed, misguided convictions.

  6. Paul Renault says:

    Magic words to TSA are not “please” or “thank you”.. It’s “Twitter”..

    I once made a comment to a friend about how easy it is to tell if a TV show is American or Canadian:
    1) In the ‘States, everyone on TV wears lots and lots of clothes when they sleep.  In Canada, the characters tend to sleep naked;
    2) In the ‘States, no one ever says ‘please’ or ‘thank you’ (‘except for Benton Fraser(see below)) .  Especially if the character wears a uniform. 
    In Canada…well, you know the drill.

  7. Heather Johanssen says:

    Let the Wookie win

  8. Ramone says:

    TSA would do better in these situations to always let the wookie win.

  9. Let the wookiee be spelled correctly.

    • 10xor01 says:

      So my vintage trading cards aren’t considered the definitive reference?  

      Next you’ll be suggesting that Luke kissed Leia, or that Han shot first!

  10. weatherman says:

    In case anyone is wondering what the maximum length of a cane is according to the TSA; there is none.

    That TSA agent with the beard looks like he’s a Star Wars fan – probably a cos-player who has a Stormtrooper suit at home. I bet he’s thinking “It’s not wise to upset a Wookie. Man I hope he doesn’t rip my arms off…”

  11. peregrinus says:

    Star Wars + TSA = Boingasm

  12. SP123 says:

    I’d say the system works, it’s pretty suspicious that a Wookiee would be carrying a Jedi’s weapon- I hope they investigated his connection to any missing Padawans.

    • weatherman says:

      Wookies can be Jedi too.

      • Slightly off-topic, but along that line I always wondered why my female smuggler in SWTOR can’t date her wookiee companion.  Since she’s a twi’lek, we’re both humanoid aliens so what’s the problem?  

      • SP123 says:

        Not racist, “profiling.”  After all, we have comlink metadata that this particular Wookiee associates with a person known to be hostile to the Jedi religion and said associate prefers “a good blaster at your side.”

  13. signsofrain says:

    Celebrity gets special treatment and TSA are idiots. Not exactly news, but thanks for keeping us in the loop just the same. ;)

    • miasm says:

      I believe you meant to start that comment with:
      “In other news…”

    • signsofrain says:

      Yeah I just wanted to point out that the magic word isn’t “Twitter” it’s “Celebrity” – I have a Twitter account too… with 30 followers. If I’d come to the checkpoint with that cane it wouldn’t have ended the same way for me. Bit silly to pretend that Celebrity privilege wasn’t exercised here. 
      “Oh yes certainly sir, we can stop being automatons and become human beings briefly when threatened with a large amount of bad press. Right this way.”

      as opposed to how it would have gone for me:

      “Oh you have twitter do you? Hey Chuck! Get a load of this guy! He thinks we’re afraid of his twitter account! HAW HAW HAW! Set this gentleman up with an extra enhanced patdown.” 

  14. Christopher says:

    I have to defend the TSA here. Have you ever seen what happens when someone accidentally drops a light saber cane? /sarcasm

  15. kiptw says:

    I’m surprised they let him through after finding out who he was. Isn’t the Rebel Alliance wanted by the Empire for blowing up the Death Star and trying to bump off Lord Vader?

  16. Reed James says:

    When is a cane a cane and walking stick a walking stick.  For me its how you place your hand.  Canes round over to form a handle so you can put your weight on them, walking sticks are straight up so you can hold it like a staff.   This looks like a light saber walking stick to me. 

  17. Brainspore says:

    “I’d rather frisk a Wookiee.”

    “I can arrange that! He could use a good frisk!”

  18. rocketboy1971 says:

    This does make me think that flying would at least be somewhat more interesting if we could get the TSA folks to wear stormtrooper white.  I bet their blaster fire is about as accurate too.

  19. Some Rabbit says:

    Rumor has it, a federal air marshal carrying a loaded pistol had a toy light saber that he bought for his son’s birthday confiscated by TSA. Go figure.

  20. scav says:

    How can it be that there is literally *no* process by which this idiocy can be ended? It’s impossible to justify current policy, and yet no reasoned debate, no weighing of cost and benefit, no popular demand, no judicial outbreak of sanity, no executive decision seems likely to EVER fix it.

    It’s like watching a friend suffer from a debilitating, incurable illness, except there is a cure – he just has to stop eating paste but won’t.

  21. Sam Pourasghar says:

    I don’t think they had Wookiees in mind when they designed the TSA.

  22. BarelyFitz says:

    After that incident where a terrorist smuggled a light saber in a droid, then used it to destroy a sand barge (killing all occupants), the TSA is taking no chances.

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