"Jerry (rescued from kill shelter) loves to smell flowers"


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  1. brandonmwest says:

    I really enjoyed the part where some folks discussed how easy it would be to track the dog’s owner down and pretend to be an old friend after he posted the name of the town he lives in.

    Reddit’s capacity to make literally anything creepy is astonishing.

  2. theophrastvs says:

    “kill shelter” (that can’t really be official nomenclature?) has got to be a candidate for best cryptooxymoron

    • Cowicide says:

      Well, you have “No Kill” shelters that don’t euthanize animals except the terminally ill or dangerous ones.  And, then you have…

      But, anyway, I just came here to enjoy the wonderful dog who looks like he’s got a new lease of life. It’s beautiful.

      • chgoliz says:

        Our dog is from a “kill shelter” (the city pound).  Everyone remarks that she’s the best dog they’ve ever known, to the point where they’re envious of us.  Many of those people paid significant fees to buy their pedigreed puppies, and the reason given is always that they wanted to be sure they knew what kind of a dog temperament they were getting.  I point out that one of the advantages of adopting from a shelter/pound is that the dogs aren’t newborn puppies….they are old enough to really exhibit their personalities and temperaments and you can spend time with them to figure out if they’re a good fit for your home (and vice versa).  There are tests you can do on puppies to get a sense of how docile or attentive they are, but it’s not the same thing.

        End result is that we have a dog who — as you said — enjoys her new lease on life.  She’s in the right home for her.  It’s just so easy to make a dog happy, especially one who has already experienced other options which aren’t as nice.

        • Cowicide says:

          That’s a sweet story, thank you chgoliz

        • Antinous / Moderator says:

          Many of those people paid significant fees to buy their pedigreed puppies, and the reason given is always that they wanted to be sure they knew what kind of a dog temperament they were getting.

          Funny how inbreeding elicits such different responses in different contexts.

    • Dignan says:

      The Kill Shelters are run by FEMA. It’s where Obama sends conservatives and Tea Party members once the IRS has identified them. If they evade re-education, well…the shelters live up to their name. 

      Keep this on the down-low though, don’t want to let the Fox News crowd found out about these, at least not until it’s too late. Muwhaahaahaa!

  3. seedroller says:

    I think Shakespeare wrote something about dogs with “ears that sweep away the morning dew”.  This guy would certainly is built for that.  It’s a big job; ya gotta stop and smell the flowers!

  4. seedroller says:

    Help! Edit to remove “would”.

  5. RElgin says:

    That photo is beautifyl.

  6. henrypmahone says:

    Basselope sighting.

  7. Richard Pusateri says:

    Oh, again we go here: no such thing as a no-kill shelter the same way as no such thing as a no-kill veterinary hospital. Merciful euthanasia for humane reasons to end irremediable suffering of our companion animals is regrettably acceptable. “No-kill” does sound better than “very-little-killing-goes-on-here” shelter, so carry on demonizing the ordinary “only-kill-what-we-must” shelters..

    • SedanChair says:

      OK, thanks for permission

    • sigdrifa says:

      It still shouldn’t be called a “kill shelter”. From a purely linguistic point of view, it is an oxymoron.

    • L_Mariachi says:

      How about a “no-murder” shelter? Euthanasia isn’t euthanasia if it’s done for reasons of convenience, after all.

    • travtastic says:

       Says the vet, right?

    • chgoliz says:

      Our pound (major city) has a very clear schedule for dogs and cats that come in.  There is a required holding period (to check the animal out medically and wait to see if the owner comes forward), then a required “show” period of only a couple of weeks, and then the animal is killed.  Period.

      That’s a kill shelter.

      “Merciful euthanasia for humane reasons to end irremediable suffering of our companion animals is regrettably acceptable.”

      This is a bad thing?  I am flabbergasted.  What would be JOYFULLY acceptable for you in the case of irremediable suffering?

      • Richard Pusateri says:

         I adopted a Basset Hound from a shelter that euthanizes. She likes to stop and smell the fence posts. I remember laughter.

  8. Cowicide says:

    A lot of squabbling over a dog picture in this thread.  Anyway, it’s pretty picture of a happy dog, I like it.


  9. rattypilgrim says:

    The phrase, “Stop and smell the roses” was coined by a hound.

  10. Dignan says:

    This photo is an example of pure distilled happiness.

  11. Chaston Kome says:

    perhaps Jerry is a Basselope

  12. bombblastlightningwaltz says:

    Closed eyes while sniffing. Blissful indulgence. Hurray for saving such a gentle animal. 

  13. Chentzilla says:

    Almost good as that thread where people were inventing truthful slogans for companies.

  14. niktemadur says:

    This can never be a happy story as long as kill “shelters” exist, an oxymoron if there ever was one.
    Over the years I’ve had several cats, four of them right now.  They’ve all been rescues, with the exception of two, born to a rescue that I spayed a few months after the litter.
    I can’t do more than four at a time at home, so I also contribute to ASPCA on a monthly basis, and it infuriates me to the point of bitterness that kill “shelters” exist.

    • marilove says:

      What else do you suggest we do?  Because we don’t have infinite resources.  And by “we” I mean everyone, not just shelters.

  15. Yeti Dad says:

    Our local Humane Society  is a “kill shelter,” but the people who work there love the animals very much and absolutely hate that they have to do this part of the job from time to time. However, if they did not, there would be no room for the other animals that people give up for whatever reason. If people did not give up their pets, or always spayed/neutered their pets, or did not seek out pets from breeders, etc., then there would be no need for “kill shelters.” (And this is not to mention the sick, dying creatures who are in pain and who also live there.) It is very unfortunate and horribly sad, but it seems like people who hate the idea of these places do not always take all of these factors into account. 

    This is a gorgeous photo of a beautiful dog enjoying life. The dog might not have had this chance if some good person hadn’t decided to adopt a pet from this place. And that is a good thing. 

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