Sen. John McCain played 'VIP Poker' on his iPhone as colleagues debate bombing Syria

Making the media rounds as America formalizes a decision to go to war against Syria, this photo by Melina Mara at The Washington Post:
Senator John McCain plays poker on his IPhone during a U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations hearing where Secretary of State JohnKerry, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey testify concerning the use of force in Syria, on Capitol Hill in Washington DC, Tuesday, September 3, 2013.

A few hours after the photo went viral, McCain tweeted:

Hilarious! It's fine, we're only bombing them.

The app in question was VIP Poker.

Maybe the poor guy just wanted to, as the app promises, "Be a VIP!"

Notable Replies

  1. Politicians! They're just like us when we're at our work meetings...except instead of ignoring debates about what kind of pens we should buy, they ignore debates about the future deaths of thousands of people.

  2. Didn't know the Jitterbug phone had a poker game on it.

  3. If you can provide a comparable corporate meeting agenda that wouldn't get someone fired for doing that, then ill entertain your viewpoint.

    And for what it's worth his extreme bias isn't a defence, that's just another problem area isn't it?

    He's supposed to be there representing his people. But he's not. He's there representing himself and his friends, well at least he would be if he was paying attention.

    His dismissive "oh, well" defence is also disgusting - this is not a man that works for the people, and he's not even pretending he is. That's a big issue when it comes to politics.

    This man should be listening to different view points, balancing the numbers and pondering the facts. The fact that he made up his mind on day 1 and is now just sticking his fingers in his ears is a gross abuse of his position and is the exact opposite of how he should be doing his job.

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