Eating hot peppers and reviewing video games

In the curiously compelling Hot Pepper Gaming video series, hosts eat hot peppers and then review video games. Here, Erin Schmalfeld enjoys a habanero pepper before telling us about Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance.

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  1. I had to watch another one with a male host to make sure my reaction wasn't due to some kind of deep seated misogyny. Turns out it is plain old schadenfreude.

  2. There's a part of me, deep down in the darkest depths that would be interested in seeing international news read like this just once.

    "And in Syria today, three hiccup thousand hiccuppeople were -- aaghh! it fucking burns! -- killed by government forces in clashes outside pant pant pant Damascus…give me the fucking milk."

  3. zikzak says:

    This experimental multimedia performance piece juxtaposes the immediacy of physical pain and distress with the practice of bloodlessly reviewing video games. Through humorous contrast, it underscores the absurdity of such obsessive attention to the minutia of a wholly constructed game world in the face of unmediated experience in the flesh. Computer-rendered images of heroic deeds and flashy violence appear beside the head of a person struggling to overcome the discomfort of eating a pepper in order to deliver scripted commentary.

    One is left to wonder how the host can think about video games in a situation like this, and as observers we realize that we too are focused much more on the suffering of a human being than the details of the latest mass market entertainment. In this way, the piece is simultaneously cynical about the triviality of media consumerism and sentimental about the core human condition.

  4. zikzak says:

    whoa, the same thing happened to me while writing it!

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