Kickstarting laser-cut RPG terrain

Infinite Crypt, a Kickstarter project aiming to raise £6,000, is a system for building relatively cheap tabletop RPG terrain in quantity, using snap-together, laser-cut materials.

The pieces are architecturally ambitious and the accompanying photos show how great they look when painted. I don't buy a lot of RPG terrain stuff, so I can't really tell if £59 is a cheap price for the materials to build "a large room, a colonnade or a key intersection." But what's immediately obvious is that these pieces are gorgeous and well-designed, and that the project itself has pretty modest and sensible goals -- give us money to buy a laser. More money? We'll buy another laser. More money? We'll make more stuff.

As with all crowdfunded projects, you should be prepared for the eventuality that nothing will come of it, and you'll lose your money. That said, project founder James Wallbank runs a successful hackspace in Sheffield, and seems to be a together sort of dude. So caveat emptor, but also, FWOAR.

Infinite Crypt is genuinely architectural – not just blocky shapes with surface texture. Rather than providing fiddly details, Infinite Crypt aims at classic designs – they could be fantasy medieval, they could be ancient, they could be sci-fi. And they stack to work in the third dimension - so you can (literally) take your game to the next level!

Infinite Crypt is robust and customisable, and takes paint and glue beautifully. You can use it unpainted, quickly spray it with neutral dungeon colours, or customise each piece and add your own details.

It's designed to be compatible with terrain products and miniatures you already have, and it's easy to pack away and store. No tabs, no magnets, no connectors – just solid, stable, surfaces that butt up against each other and anything else you happen to have to hand.

Infinite Crypt: Modular Terrain for Underworld Architects