HOWTO make a bathtub-cleaning scrub-bit for your cordless drill

By attaching a lag bolt to a plastic scrubbing brush, you can make a cordless-drill-powered polishing brush for sinks and tubs. Manly Housekeeper's howto make the process look simple, and you can't argue with the sparkling results.

Step 1. Assemble your required items. You will need a round scrub brush, a 1 1/2 inch-long lag screw, a nut driver, and a cordless drill with a drill bit slightly smaller than the diameter of your screw threads.

Step 2. Examine your scrub brush. I used a cheap $2 Scotch Brite scrubber. I popped the top off the scrubber and drilled the two pieces separately, to make sure I was drilling as close to the the center as I could with as much precision as possible.

Step 3: Mark the center of the the top part of the brush ... ... And then drill a hole.

Step 4. mark off another hole and drill it in the bottom half of the scrubber. I was careful not to drill all the way through, and get my drill bit tangled in the brush.

Step 5. Snap the two parts of the scrub brush together, then screw the lag bolt into the hole.

Step 6: Switch the drill bit for the nut driver in your drill, and your manly scrub brush will be complete. Now any time I want to clean the tub I can just pop on the scrub brush attachment.

How to Clean Your Bathtub the Manly Way (via Lifehacker)

Notable Replies

  1. A large belt sander is even more manly, and destroys the finish on your tub even faster!

  2. You're not getting the manly point here. Anything worth doing is worth doing MANLIER, and that means more destructively, in every sense of the word "destructively". If you can wipe out a couple endangered species and pollute the water table along the way it's double extra bonus manliness points.

  3. xzzy says:

    It is if you only do it once a year.

    Which is about how long it takes before a manly man to realize that maybe they should clean it. It won't actually happen for two years though because he has to work himself up to the task, by which point there are enough layers of soap scum that you need a geologist to interpret them.

  4. hell yeh...batteries are for sissies.

  5. C'mon, man up...
    Here is the proper cleaning solution:
    Manly cleaning solution
    Apply to surface and allow to dry.
    While solution dries, capture an angry badger. Toss angry badger into bathtub/shower. Run away!

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