Abandoned Santa parks of the world

All around the world, there are abandoned Santa Claus parks -- Christmas-themed amusement parks that passed their prime and shut their gates. Atlas Obscura did a deep trawl through Flickr and other online photo repositories and rounded up a gallery of amazing pictures of decaying, unloved Christmas parks from every corner of the globe.

Rudolph and Ruins: Photographs of Abandoned Santa Parks [Allison Meier/Atlas Obscura]

(via Neatorama)

(Image: Park Alalbandel (5), a Creative Commons Attribution (2.0) image from paulk's photostream)

Notable Replies

  1. I want Charlie Manx to take me to Christmasland so I can ride the Sleighcoaster forever and ever...

  2. Deeply disturbing. But excellent.

    (Saying the photographs came from "every corner of the globe" might be a stretch - only one location is outside of the US)

  3. One of the parks mentioned, Santa's Land in Putney, Vermont, has reopened under new ownership. From reports I've seen online, they're doing their best to keep the park attractions going, though there's a lot of restoration to be done.

    Their website is http://www.santasland.com/ . They're open this year on weekends through Dec 22.

  4. So. Many. Cristmas card opportunities...

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