Treat Triad dog puzzle

Pretzel going bonkers for the Treat Triad dog puzzle on a rainy, indoors day.

These past few rainy days, I've been trying to entertain my dogs with puzzles. The Treat Triad is a clear winner.

Both a Great Pyrenees and a Cavalier King Charles, dogs large and small, love smacking the spinner around and then figuring out how to open the treat bay doors. It is light, simple and hasn't broken apart after hours of battering.

Treat puzzles are no way to get the dog to let you sleep, but they certainly keep them busy when its too nasty to go out!

The Treat Triad

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  1. Maya says:

    Your posts about your dogs are my favorite things on boingboing.

  2. jlw says:

    We added a photo, just for you.

  3. Best cat puzzle-toy I've found so far was in a remainder bin at a drugstore; they had no idea what it was, and I paid $10 because that's what I offered them.

    It's a 1.5"-thick MDF disk with pockets for treats carved into it. On one side there's a circle of pockets, and a spinning disk above them with a single hole (plus a few perforations for sniffing through); solution is to rotate the disk to the correct position to access the treat. On the other side, there are three channels with disks that slide sideways in the channels to uncover the pockets.

    Simple, effective -- the parts move smoothly -- and just about the right level of difficulty for the cats to figure out workable strategies by trial and error. (One of my two knows what needs to happen on both puzzles and which general directions to paw what in to make that happen; the other can't quite do it reliably yet on his own.)

    No idea who the manufacturer is.

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