Theses distilled to one (snarky) sentence


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  1. johngomm

    My professor told me to make this really complicated molecule from a plant that might treat cancer using her favorite "elegant" synthesis reaction, which turned out to take three years of trying, was really messy, low yield and doesn't treat cancer anyway, but I got crystals to get an X-ray structure, so there's that.

  2. AaronGilliland

    People rock at memorizing insecure passwords, but we already knew that.

    -- Psychology and Computer Science, Carleton University.

  3. apoxia

    It turns out there really aren't any accurate off-road predictors of on-road driving ability for cognitively impaired older adults; you just have to take them on an on-road driving assessment (and anyone that tells you otherwise is planning to sell you an expensive off-road assessment system).

    PhD Psychology, University of Canterbury.

  4. jsroberts

    Shooting people makes them unhappy.

    --International Security, Tufts

  5. timquinn

    This may not be pretty, but it held your attention for more than 1.7 seconds, so there is that.

    MFA UCLA 1988

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