The Coruscant Tapestry: 30' long Star Wars cross-stitch

Aled Lewis's "The Coruscant Tapestry" is a 30 foot long, 13" high tapestry depicting the tale of Star Wars in cross-stitch. In the manner of the Bayeux Tapestry, its borders are embellished with writing -- quotes in Aurebesh from the films. It's for sale for $20,000 at Los Angeles's Gallery 1988.

Aled Lewis "The Coruscant Tapestry" (Thanks, Jonathan!)

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  1. This raises the possibility that the Norman Conquest of England didn't actually happen but was just a fairy tale told by some deranged or imaginative Norseman, or something.

    Doesn't really change anything though.

  2. OH DARN, the first 15 feet just got unravelled somehow. I guess that part of history is lost to the ages forever.

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