Austin cops violently crack down on scourge of anonymous jaywalking

Jonl sez, "Streets near the University of Texas at Austin today are safer, thanks to quick and effective action by the local police, who caught and arrested a jogger, observed wearing a pony tail, black shorts, and a headset in the area. She was apparently menacing traffic by crossing the street in a manner construed as 'jaywalking,' however her apparent arrest was due to her failure to provide identification: i.e., she was guilty not just of jaywalking, but of anonymous jaywalking."

Woman arrested on 24th street after crossing intersection (Thanks, Jonl!)

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  1. NickyG says:

    Crime is so fucking out of control, it's insane. Very glad to see another criminal get put away. CRIME DOES NOT PAY.

  2. I was under the impression that police may require you to identify yourself following an arrest, but that's not necessarily synonymous with "provide an ID card." So long as you tell them your name and address, isn't that considered sufficient?

    I mean for crying out loud, a driver's license is just that - not a pedestrian license.

  3. I say this with respect, because we each get to choose our own approach, but I decided on the exact opposite: I specifically don't carry ID when I'm exercising, and I also check to make sure I'm not carrying anything with my name or address on it, because it feels so fucking great, when you're asked "do you have any ID on you", to say no. I'm not asking permission to be in the world.

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