Deadpool pencil-jar

The Deadpool pencil cup is a delightfully silly and gross bit of office-candy, in which the wisecracking, unkillable merc from the pages of Marvel comics is presented for your gleeful brain-skewering pleasure. It comes with shuriken-shaped erasers and an arrow-cap for your favorite writing implement.

If you're new to Deadpool, try Deadpool Dead Presidents, the reboot of the comic from Walking Dead co-creator Tony Moore. Gentle Giant Studios Deadpool: Pencil Cup Accessory

(via Geekymerch)

Notable Replies

  1. Wait, is Deadpool actually a zombie? Don't make me go to the Deadpool wikipedia page, because I will hate myself in the morning if I do.

  2. Cool but not $200.00 cool

  3. Actually that kind of makes more sense than Wolverine's version of that power. If the cells in your body could regenerate like nobody's business then you wouldn't have baby-soft skin, you'd be a walking tumor.

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