Daughter-belting judge loses seat to primary challenger

William Adams, the Arkansas County Court-At-Law Judge caught on camera mercilessly whipping his screaming 14-year-old daughter while yelling obscenities at her, has finally lost his job after a primary challenger defeated him. His victim had anticipated the assault, recorded it, and released it only after she became an adult. Warning: the video shows physical and emotional abuse and will make you angry. Previously.

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  1. This. was. the most disturbing thing I have seen on the Internet since... I can't remember when.

    When the Mom comes in to mitigate/enable? the situation and says, "You are a 16 year old girl, take it like a grown woman." that was it for me. I had seen enough.

    I don't know what else to say, I am shocked and saddened.

  2. The (now-adult) girl took the video and posted it online herself in order to publicly expose her father for the cruel, not-fit-to-be-a-judge rage machine that he is. Clearly, she cared more about exposing this behavior than she cared about her personal privacy.

  3. I can not really follow the discussion here. Why is that man not in jail for assault and battery of a minor? A minor supposed to be under his protection no less. I don't know much about the US justice system but in any sane country he would go to jail for a long time.

  4. Corporal punishment is nasty, doesn't really hold up in my opinion, and in a more extreme form (which I'd definitely consider what takes place in this video) should probably be made illegal...

    This is the part I never follow. Should "probably" be made illegal? To paraphrase Louis CK, if an adult hits an adult, that's assault, and you can be arrested and jailed. But your kid, somebody who completely depends on you to navigate the world? Oh yeah, no problem, beat them all you want, stay out of my business nanny state, etc. I'd really love to hear a rational, logical argument about why beating a full-grown adult = bad, but beating a child, who 99% of the time is weaker and smaller = OK.

  5. The victim posted the video to the internet herself, as an adult, to expose her father.

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