Eggbot design: Pi Egg for Pi Day

Tomorrow, 3/14, is Pi Day in the USA (it will not be Pi Day in the rest of the world until the Martian Emperor subjugates us all to his sinister 14-month calendar). In celebration, Thingiverse user Thor4231 posted this great Eggbot design, ready to be automatically sharpied onto your favorite ovum by means of the wonderful Eggbot printer.

Pi Egg for Pi Day

Notable Replies

  1. Next year's pi day will be extra special: 3/14/15

  2. The rest of the world celebrates Pi Day in July: 22/7.

  3. rknop says:

    CORY! Get with the ISO standard! The whole m/d/y and d/m/y conventions are both terminally confusing. the best convention is YYYY-MM-DD... and then it's Pi day for everybody on 03-14.

  4. LDoBe says:

    I prefer to celebrate tau day. The weather's usually better, and I eat twice the pi.

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