British science fiction pulp covers: Gernsback continuum from an alternative universe

Here's a smashing gallery of British science fiction and science pulps from the golden age of sf. These are recognizably of a piece with the American pulps of the era, but are also distinctive in every way: line, color-choice, subject, typography, composition and character design. They are a divergent, parallel universe to the American Gernsback continuum, and all the more striking for it.

Exceptional British Scifi Artwork from the 1950s [Avi Abrams/Dark Roasted Blend]

(via Kadrey)

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  1. lrf says:

    Now I want to change all my user names to "Volsted Gridban." Maybe my legal name, too.

  2. "Jupiter Equilateral", eh? But totally not derivative.
    The conventions for the artwork and spaceship design and typography were pretty much set by Frank Hampson in the Dan Dare comics of the 1950s ("Biggles in Space").

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