Making a planetary-scale sandwich

Svabialonso, a redditor in Iceland, teamed up with a friend on the (approximately) opposite side of the planet in New Zealand to make a world-sized sandwich: each of them went to a specific location at a set time and pressed a piece of bread to the ground there, with appropriate toppings.

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  1. mcouv says:

    Just asking for Galactus to show up.

  2. Some of us, when we were kids, imagined kids in China (which we were told was on the exact opposite side of the globe from us) doing the same things we were doing at the same moment.

    Thank you, internet, for making it possible for some big kids to go one better.

  3. The only thing that will save us is the fact that Galacticus hates liverwurst, and they made this sandwich with all the liverwurst in the world.

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