Funding available for makerspaces' open anti-asteroid initiatives

Alex sez, "Spacegambit is a hackerspace space program that funds cool space projects around the world. We're now working with NASA on the Asteroid Grand Challenge, with the aim of getting more makers involved in detecting asteroid threats to human populations and figuring out what to do about them. We're running our open call at the moment (closing on 20 May) and looking to fund open-source projects linked with hackerspaces/makerspaces/fablabs/etc."

* Documented Open Tech: All projects must be open source, open hardware and open documentation. Projects MUST be documented in an open manner that allows others to replicate the work. Additionally a short final summary report of the project will be required in a printable format. Not restricted use or information under ITAR (International Trade in Arms Regulations).

* Community Space: All projects must be coordinated through a collaborative community space such as a hackerspace, makerspace, FabLab, etc.

* Accounting: Project contracts will be subject to certain US government reporting and accounting restrictions. All money needs to be accounted for with standard accounting practices (including hours worked), and digital reports submitted to SpaceGAMBIT. Example spreadsheets will be provided.

* Budget: Up to $10,000.

* Timeframe: Projects must be completed by August 30 2014, including documentation and reporting.

* Innovative: Projects must be innovative and evolutionary. No stunts. Also, no perpetual motion machines.

* Education: Projects must have an educational component to inspire and educate the public about space and making.

* License: Acceptable licenses are Creative Commons:

2014 Call for Projects (Thanks, Alex!)