Ikea's Death Star lamp

As redditor Tomcruiseama points out, the $70 Ikea PS 2014 lamp is basically a Death Star: it's a Hoberman-sphere-like lampshade that can be mechanically expanded or contracted to control the amount of light it emits.

Notable Replies

  1. I'm trying to imagine the effect of covering the inside of one of these with tiny mirrored tiles, making it an inside-out disco ball. I think it could be awesome.

  2. Artor says:

    Okay, this is something I actually want. I like the idea of mirror-balling the inside, but I'd step it up to a color-changing LED bulb too. Whoop whoop!

  3. So it's like The Death Star entirely in the fact that it is round.

    I'm going to start calling anything spherical a Death Star now, regardless of whether it looks anything remotely like the Death Star. It'll make sports commentary much more interesting.

  4. Cricket for one would be hugely improved by the replacement of the ball with a tiny, but perfectly operational battlestation.

  5. Maybe it’s supposed to be a lamp that was on the Death Star, not that the lamp resembles the entire Death Star itself.

    Why aren’t you up in arms about something the mass of a small moon being called a star to begin with? Or, for that matter, ships called Star Destroyers that are utterly incapable of destroying even planets, never mind stars?

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