The rules underpinning Porky Pig's stutter

Looney Toons voice actor Bob Bergen explains the logic underlying Porky Pig's stutter, which is surprisingly regular.

The clip comes from the documentary I Know That Voice, produced by John Di Maggio, the voice of Futurama's Bender. Mel Blanc, the original voice of Porky, never explicitly set out these rules, but Bergen's reverse-engineering of them shows that Blanc had intuitively set out a highly systematic way of approaching Porky's stutter.

Bob Bergen Mimics Mel Blanc's Porky Pig

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  1. I bought two copies of the DVD I Know That Voice - One for me, one as a birthday present for a friend. I'd seen John DiMaggio at last year's Dragon Con show a clip from it during a voice actor panel. The movie, highly recommended, and the DVD has some nice extras.

  2. BTW, a correction: Mel Blanc was not the original voice of Porky; he took over the role from Joe Dougherty.

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