Quadcopter vs. ram

The ram wins. After taking the quadcopter out of commission, the ram goes after its operator.

Notable Replies

  1. Ha ha!!

  2. omems says:

    Justifiable coptercide, IMO.

    Maybe the repaired version will make the Mario Bros bump-block noise when struck.

  3. Baa, baa, black sheep,
    Have you any fucks to give?

  4. omems says:

    May this rhyme serve as a warning to all those who would deign to pester honey badger with a quadcopter.

  5. You prompted me to search for 'happy ram' and similar, but no. You are indeed correct. Grumpy is the natural and perhaps only state of the ram. (Well, not only state. There is likely extra grumpy, and quite frighteningly grumpy, but still...)

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